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Bones, bones, brittle little bones....

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imout [tue jan 16th, 2007 »2:41p]
so basically im never on lj that much anymore.
at all
but i wanna start using it more again
i need to write about shit
its gonna be public again
because at this point im senior, and i dont give a shit haha

so the new name is in the making

ill edit this page with the name once i figure it outtt..


and give me some communities to join! i havent been in one for so long!

peace & love.
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[fri nov 17th, 2006 »2:48p]
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photography from my road trip with johnCollapse )
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ACCESS DENIED [tue mar 21st, 2006 »9:07p]


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Too many issues with my public journal.
Comment to be added.
& if i dont know you, leave a photo of yourself please.

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